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Andrew Edmiston - Education Manager, Business, IT & Graphic Design

Our business programs are designed for students who want to gain a strong background across the broad scope of business and organisational function areas, and develop a strong strategic and entrepreneurial emphasis towards innovation, development and growth of businesses.

We provide high-quality programs in hardware, internet technologies, networking, operating systems, software applications, and programming. Programs also cover computer support, computer sales, technical support, database administration, network support, and website design.

All of our information technology (IT) programs are nationally recognised and have articulation study pathways into higher TAFE and University. We provide students with the knowledge, creative and technical skills required for employment in the design industry. The programs of study are extremely hands on. Students learn in an intimate environment, offering ready access to professional staff. Studies in business requirements, promotion, drawing skills and research & analysis are some of the areas studied and which will equip students to enter straight into industry, or into the Bachelor of Communication Design.
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Introduction to I.T. & Cyber Security

Overview of I.T. & Cyber Security


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