Chris Noonan - Education Manager, Rural & Food Sciences / September 2021


Would you like to share in growing our sustainable future by working on hand-on solutions that encompass primary industries, technology and management? We will help you become skilled, qualified and ready for employment. Begin your new career with Federation TAFE. 
Learning about horticulture - one of Australia's fastest growing industries – will enable you to become a landscape gardener. You’ll learn about planning plant displays, pruning and propagating plants, and operating machinery. You will build the confidence to work across private gardens, commercial landscapes and public recreational and botanical parks.
Conservation and Land Management 
Prepare for a career in supervisory positions in land management for local government, national parks and wildlife centres, as well as other agencies across the government and non-government sectors. 
Learning about agriculture, you will become knowledgeable in stock management and husbandry, pasture management and chemicals, machinery, farm operations and fencing. 

Wool Classing  
Learning about wool classing, you will be trained in clip preparation, shed management and wool marketing. This will enable you to apply for registration as an Australian Professional Wool Classer.  
Food & Meat Processing  
Food processing is expected to become a major growth area in Australia in coming years. Secure your place in this multi-billion-dollar sector with our workplace-based training program in food and meat processing, and become work-ready for retail trade. 
Food Science & Technology 
Our specialised industry-based trainers deliver high quality training for leading hands, supervisors, technical assistants, quality control technicians, and food operators with relevant industry experience. 
Federation TAFE provides a broad range of industry relevant learning programs, and offers a variety of training options. These include offsite, face-to-face, online and workplace delivery, in our specialised Rural Sciences Skills Centre.  

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