Collaborative workshop piece

Rafal (Raf) Pyka: The Night

Collaborative workshop piece / 1st Year

Stacey Livitsanis: No TV

Student Work / Bachelor of Fine Arts

Jackson Bertram, Human Intrusion 2019, animation, duration 4.28 mins.

Student Work / Bachelor of Visual Arts

Myfanwy McLean, Dream Images 2019, animation, duration 3.03 mins.

Myfanwy’s project is an animation. Her theme was home as her dream place. Each object within the animation is an object within her home, drawn to scale and placed within the animation. The video then became part of an installation, as a projection within her home. The sounds are also recorded around her home.

Joan Luxemburg - "The Inimitable Mr Meek" Exhibition

Joan Luxemburg, PhD (2017), undertook a research project about James McKain Archibald Job Meek (1815-1899), who was an early Victorian pioneer and graphic artist. Jointly supervised by Associate Professor Jennifer Jones-O’Neill, Arts Academy, and Gordon Morrison, former Director of the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the project was threefold: the re-discovery of Meek's body of art work for an exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in June 2015; the preparation of a catalogue of essays and images to accompany the exhibition; and the completion of an exegesis.

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